Action Taxi provides fast, clean, dependable, curb to curb, personalized transportation service operated by professional, trained drivers. We are regulated by the Department of Public Works and Transportation and operate under established standards. Action Taxi cares about your safety and comfort.



  • Action Taxi provides service all day, everyday and it’s easy to get a taxicab.
  • Online and mobile reservations.
  • Call us and request to be picked up! Requests may be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 301-840-1000
  • Call us to make a reservation for airport and other long distance trips.
  • Go to a taxicab stand, such as the stands at most Metrorail stations, and take one of our taxicabs in line.



Action Taxi is a safe way to travel. All of our vehicles must be licensed by the Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation. Vehicles must meet stringent requirements. They must be late model cars, carry adequate insurance, pass two mechanical inspections a year, be clean and in good cosmetic condition. Taxicab drivers must also be licensed by the County. To get a license they must pass a test, complete both Maryland and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background clearances, and have good driving records.



General Rider Information

Ride Sharing

Taxicabs are an economical way to transport a small group of riders. The cost is the meter rate plus the additional person charge for all other riders. Taxicabs can carry up to four passengers, so you can save if you share rides.


The rates for taxicab services are regulated and posted in all of our taxicabs. It’s easy to determine the cost of your ride since all taxicabs have meters and drivers must use the meters at all times. Rates and additional charges are posted on the side window of every taxicab. All licensed Montgomery County taxicabs charge the same rate. You don’t need to shop around for a different price.

Accessible Taxicabs

These accessible taxicab vehicles are modified to provide service to people with disabilities. They are available for ambulatory passengers when they are not needed for accessible trips. So if you go to a taxicab stand and a van is first in line, you are welcome to use it. If you call for a taxicab and are unable to use a van, notify the dispatcher that you need a sedan.



Services for People with Disabilities

Wheelchair Accessible Taxicab Service

Montgomery County issues licenses for wheelchair accessible vehicles that meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. There is no additional charge for an accessible taxicab. However, you should request accessible taxicabs in advance.

Service for Passengers with Vision Disabilities

For passengers with vision problems, the information pack behind the driver’s seat is printed in large type. There is also a Braille ID label attached to the upper right portion of the information pack.

Service for Passengers with Verbal Communication Disabilities

If you have trouble with verbal communication you may give the driver the destination in writing.



Taxicab Etiquette

Driver Responsibilities

Drivers should provide professional and courteous service. They must take the most direct route to the customer’s destination, charge metered rates, accept any passenger unless the taxicab is engaged or off duty, and give a receipt when requested.

Customer Responsibilities

You should wait at the curb or be prepared to come out to the taxicab immediately upon its arrival, pay the fare, and enter and exit the vehicle away from the traffic lane. You should cancel reservations if the taxicab is not needed. It is suggested that passengers request receipts so they have a record of the trip.

Rush Hour, Weather and Traffic Problems

Many vehicles including taxicabs, may be delayed during rush hour, inclement weather, periods of high demand, or traffic incidents. Please allow additional time.

the Meter Rate…

View the detailed meter rate on our homepage.

The meter starts once you have informed the taxicab driver of your destination, and ends when the taxicab comes to a complete stop at the final destination. The meter charges are:

Initial charge – The cost for engaging a taxicab. This amount appears when the meter is turned on.

Distance Charge – The cost for each fraction of a mile traveled.

Waiting Time and Traffic Delay Time – Waiting time begins five minutes after the the taxicab has arrived at the point of pick-up or when the taxicab is stopped, or has slowed to a speed of less than 11 miles per hour. Waiting time may not be charged for the extra time it may take assisting a passenger with disabilities.

Additional Passengers – The charge for more than one passenger in the same party. There is no charge for children under five years of age when accompanied by an adult or for a personal care attendant accompanying a person with disabilities.

Personal Service – Personal service is the charge for service provided by the driver at your request, such as loading suitcases, parcels, or personal effects.

Pick up and Delivery – Charge for pickup and delivery service.

Snow Emergency – This rate is charged in the event a snow emergency is declared by the state of Maryland or Montgomery County. This charge also applies to interstate trips.