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Do you have a Compliment?

Call us at 301-840-1000.

Compliments are very important to us and we appreciate hearing about your good experiences. Let us know about good service provided, special
acts of kindness, and heroic deeds, so that we can recognize the drivers for a job well done.

Having a Problem with Taxicab Service?

We hope you are happy with the service. When you are dissatisfied, call us to report the problem along with the taxicab number as soon as
possible after the incident, to insure a prompt resolution.

All complaints should include:

  • The taxicab number (The taxicab number can be found on both sides of the vehicle on the trunk and on the information pack inside the
  • The trip date and time.
  • A specific description of the problem.
  • Your name, address and a phone number where you can be contacted.