Action Taxi has been serving Montgomery County, Maryland since 1989.
Taxicab  Meter Rate Schedule:

Rate for initial charge                               $4.00

For each succeeding 1/4 mile                  $0.50

Waiting and Traffic Delay Time               $28/hr

Additional Passengers                             $1.00

Personal Service and Loading Items       $1.00

Pick-up and Delivery                                $2.00

SnowEmergency                                      $2.50
Are you in Montgomery County, Maryland and in need of a taxicab?
Give us a call! We offer prompt and reliable service to all of our customers.

*The weather is bad and you don't want to drive.

*You missed your carpool and you're late for work.

*A business meeting is downtown & parking is hard to find.

*You don't want to leave your car at the airport.

*The kids have soccer practice and your car is in the shop.

                      CALL ACTION TAXI!
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Charge in the event a snow emergency is declared by the State for the

Toll and Surcharges As Required

Bussiness Accounts Welcome